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Building Inspiring Spaces

At SageStone Construction, We believe that building inspiring spaces first begins with building strong long-lasting relationships with our clients. In order to achieve this, we start by learning and understanding our client’s individual goals and desires. Once we understand our client’s desires and goals, we can begin to work together with our clients to identify the best choices to meet those goals. Building inspiring spaces is more than just bringing the right pieces together, it is also about bringing the right people together.

When you choose to work with SageStone Construction, you are choosing to work with a team who understands your individual desires and goals. You are choosing a team who will work hard to ensure that your project is completed on time, within budget, while still maintaining the highest quality possible.


No Surprises

We are committed to making your building experience as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. This means that we will do our best to not only meeting your expectations for your project, but also exceed it by delivering your new space on time and within budget. We work diligently with you before the project begins so that you can be confident that your final estimate will clearly reflect the final invoice. If you request any changes along the way, we will make sure that they are clearly itemized on your final invoice. You will never be charged for an extra that you didn’t ask for or approve.

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We are here for you every step of the way

We are committed to helping you with your project every step of the way. From assisting with design ideas or helping you design your space, to providing advice on the best products and finishes, we will help provide you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your project. We will also make sure that you always know the current status of your project and what you can expect to happen next. We will do our best to keep close communication with you so that you we can answer any questions or concerns you may have about your project.

We are fully confident that you will love the end result, but we also would like you to know that we will still be here for you after the project is complete. Should anything come up after the project is complete we would be happy to hear from you and will do our best to address any questions or concerns you may have about your project.

Custom Kitchen Design & Renovations

At SageStone Construction, we believe that the kitchen is the heart of every home. It is a gathering place where families come together to connect, plan, socialize, and occasionally even cook! We believe that your kitchen should be functional, practical, as well as aesthetically pleasing. Extensive consideration, thought & planning go into every kitchen renovation to ensure that your kitchen will meet & exceed your family’s needs.

One of the key benefits of working with SageStone Construction, is that we use our own staff to work with you from design to installation. This means that you will have the same team working with you from the start to finish. During your initial free consultation, our team members will engage you in conversation to discuss the needs of your project, your goals and objectives, the entire scope of your project and your budget requirements. Our staff members are trained, experienced, and have the knowledge to help provide new ideas and draw out the possibilities.


After the initial free consultation, our design team will take the information gathered, determine how we can best meet your vision, goals, and objectives. Our designers will then prepare an accurate floor plan including 3d sketches of your kitchen layout. Next, we will schedule a second meeting with you to discuss your new designs which will include some of our product recommendations as well as an accurate estimate of the project costs. At this point, you will still be able to make any changes to the design plans. After any final changes are made, you will be provided with a revised copy of the design plans with an new estimate of the total project costs.

Complete Bathroom Design & Renovations

Bathrooms: the fine art of balancing beauty with functionality; the epitome of design following function. The Bathroom has evolved from “the business room” to a place of retreat, relaxation, & regeneration. Our business in this room is to work with you to create a space that in essence is an extension of you. We accomplish this by working closely with you to produce a personalized plan inspired by your vision for this space.


Our design team will work closely with you to help provide you with comprehensive bathroom design services. Our years of knowledge and experience in this industry will help you navigate the wide variety of materials and building options to create a plan that accurately reflects your personal tastes and budgets. Together, we can create your perfect bathroom.

Basement Design & Renovations

Whether you are planning to redesign this space as a place for you & your family, or as a mortgage helper, or even as a place to hide the in-laws, we’re here to help! We can help you re-design & renovate this space to suit your needs & budget

Commercial Renovations

In Business, first impressions are the key to success when it comes to building and establishing new clientele. Our business is to help you create that amazing first impression by creating and building new and attractive spaces for your office, store, or work environment that will certainly make an impression on your customers. From designing and planning to building that perfect environment for your business, we are here for you

Complete Interior & Exterior Renovations

Whatever your building project, we’re here to help. We are confident that you will be pleased,
not just with the finished results, but also with the whole renovation experience as well. For more information, or to book an estimate please give us a call @ (250) 318-6124

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